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The Crimson Slaughter

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Item is supplied in the condition shown in the photographs.


This Army includes the following:

1x Master of Possession

1x Kranon the Relentless

1x Aspiring Champion

1x Dark Apostle (with Dark Disciples)

1x Chaos Sorcerer (Converted with Possessed wings)

1x Chaos Lord Obsidius Mallex


1x  Daemon Prince (Converted from a Ogroid Thaumaturge)

1x Maulerfiend

1x Venomcrawler

1x Helbrute

2x Chaos Rhino

1x Possessed (5 man unit)

1x Obliterators (2 man unit)

2x Chaos Legionaries (10 man unit)

2x Chosen (5 man unit)

1x Chaos Terminator Squad (5 man unit. Please note this item has been converted from Cataphractii Terminators)

1x Havocs (5 man unit)

1x Chaos Legionaries (5 man unit)








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