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The Shrooms, The Gitz and The Troggoths

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Item is supplied in the condition shown in the photographs.

This Army includes the following:

Skragrott the Loonking

Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig

Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig (Conversion)

Madcap Shaman (Shroomancer from Gobbapalooza)

2x Squig Herd

2x Boingrot Bounderz (Units of 10)

1x Squig Hoppers

1x Sneaky Snufflers

2x Mangler Squigs

1x Fellwater Troggoths

1x Rockgut Troggoths

1x Dankhold Troggoth

1x Bad Moon Loonshrine (Please note this item is missing its cages)





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