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The Watchers from Below

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Item is supplied in the condition shown in the photographs.

This Army Includes:

- 1x Kelermorph Conversion 

- 1x Locus

- 1x Primus

- 1x Magus

- 2x Genestealer Cult Familiars

- 1x Abominant

- 1x Patriarch (Please note this item is missing a claw)

- 20x Acolyte Hybrids 

- 15x Hybrid Metamorphs

- 5x Aberrants 

- 50x Neophyte Hybrids 

- 10x Brood Brothers

- 3x Brood Brother Heavy Weapons

- 4x Atalan Jackals with 1 Wolfquad

- 3x Achilles Ridgerunner

- 2x Goliath Rockgrinder

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