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Last Levy. The Defence of Berlin


20 InfantrynMetalnFigure Head - Interchangeable heads system.nRequires Assembly - This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.nThis boxed set contains 20 highly detailed and characterful metal miniatures:nnHQ: NSDAP party official with pistolnHQ: Bund Deutscher Mädel (German League of Girls) medicnInfantry: Hitler Youth Squad. NCO with MP40 SMG, 4 'men' with Kar98K rifles/panzerfaustsnInfantry: Volksturm Squad. NCO with Gustloff VG 1-5 assault rifle, 4 soldiers with Kar98K rifles and panzerfausts.nInfantry: Volksturm Squad. NSDAP party worker NCO with Beretta SMG. 1 soldier with MP40 SMG, 3 with Kar98K rifles and panzerfaustsnSoldier with Krummlauf assault rifle (fires around corners!) and panzerfaust.n2 soldiers with Luftfaust hand-held anti-aircraft rocket launcher and assault rifle.nSeparate Figure Heads: Heads with Volksturm caps, German fire brigade helmet, and regular German army headgear.

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