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Lord of Pestilence with Great Weapon

Lord of Pestilence with Great Weapon

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At the head of the hordes of apocalypse, the Lord of Pestilence is a powerful and intimidating leader who has little time for anyone. His mindset is one of pure violence and not wanting to merely beat the enemy, instead harbouring a deep-rooted desire to annihilate each and every poor soul that he comes into contact with him on the battlefield.

The steel of his weapons is infested with disease and infection, and they are coated with the blood of a thousand enemies slain and even a small scratch is enough to kill a man. In this version of the model, he is armed massive great weapon, chained to a pole that allows him to swing the weapon in large arcs that can cut down multiple enemies at once.

Please Note: This model is supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required

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