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Naga Queen

Naga Queen


In the lands of Saga, Nagas are worshipped as the pinnacle and purest form of the Darf Elf society, all revere and pledge the lives to the Nagas. Gifted by their master Nemesis, the strongest and deadliest of her followers are chosen and transformed into form of a a beautiful female with the lower body of a great snake with multiple arms to swing massive deadly swords that carve down their enemies with a single swipe.

Those Dark Elves who are chosen, must pass a series of terrifying tests to become a Naga. Those that fail are transformed into horrid forsaken forms of Nemesis.  The Avatars of War: Warthrone. Where armies face off on the tabletop in a furious and tactical war game that pits races & nations against one another in the lands of Saga.

This beautiful metal model of a Naga Queen, is a great addition to any Dark Elf collection for Avatars of War game. 

This blister contains one metal miniature with one 25 x 50 mm plastic square base.  Please note this model come unpainted and unassembled.

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