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Waffen-SS (20)

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17 Infantryn1 Crewed Gun/Artillery Piecen3 CrewnMetalnFigure HeadnInterchangeable heads systemnRequires Assembly - This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.nnCONTENTS:n6-man Command Squad: 1x Officer, 1x NCO with MP40 SMG, 1x 2-man radio team with rifles, 1x Medic, 1x riflemann9-man squad: 2x NCOs with MP40 SMGs, 1x 2-man MG42 LMG team, 5x riflemenn1x 81mm mortar with 3 crewn2x soldats with StG44 assault riflesnnBOLT ACTION STATSnType: Veteran Infantry (5+ to wound, morale 10)nSize: 5 - 10 mennOptions: SMGs, Rifles, LMG, Panzerfaust, Assault Rifles

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