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Waffen-SS squad (1943-45)


10 InfantrynMetalnRandom Selection - Some elments of this product are a random selection and may not exactly match the photos.nRequires Assembly - This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.nCONTENTS:n2 random models with MP 40n2 random models with STG44nrandom 2-man MG42 LMG teamn2 random riflemenn2 random riflemen with PanzerfaustsnNote: Contents vary from those shown.nBOLT ACTION STATSnType: Veteran Infantry (5+ to wound, morale 10)nSize: 5 - 10 mennOptions: SMGs, Rifles, LMG, Panzerfaust, Assault RiflesnNB: See Bolt Action rulebook for more details

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