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Hydra Dominatus

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Item is supplied in the condition shown in the photographs.

This Army Includes:

- 1x Armillus Dynat - Harrowmaster of the Alpha Legion

- 1x Alpha Legion – Legion Cataphractii Praetor

- 1x Chaplain Consul

- 30x MKIV Marines with Alpha Legion Heads and Pads

- 10x MKIV Marines with Alpha Legion Bodies, Heads and Pads

- 10x Salamanders Legion Firedrakes

- 10x Alpha Legion – Lernaean Terminators

- 3x Deimos Pattern Rhino with Alpha Legion Doors

- 2x Alpha Legion Contemptor Dreadnought 

- 3x Deimos Predator Executioner 

- 2x Javelin Land Speeder

- 1x Deimos Whirlwind Scorpius

- 2x Spartan Assault Tank

- 1x Land Raider Proteus

- 1x Lightning Strike Fighter

Things to Note:

- The Spartans are Forgeworld and have OOP Forgeworld Alpha Legion Doors

- One Spartan has some damage to it its sonson weapon

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