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Ryujin, Spirit of the Deep

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Ryujin is the Spirit of the Deep Ocean, one of the most powerful Kami in the Jwar Isles. It is rumoured that the very act of calling him forth caused the tsunami that devastated the region. All lesser water Kami are his to command and in some ways are part of him. The Sea Witches of the Jung have bound him to a form of a great water serpent and he has blessed them with his aid. Bushido’s biggest model does not disappoint on the table! With his Tsunami and Incoming Tide abilities, Ryujin affects the game without making an attack but he also has powerful melee and ranged abilities. Finally, he has the Believer ability for Miyakomo models making their Ki Feats considerably more efficient.

Box contains one 98mm tall resin miniature supplied with integrated base and one full colour card. Product is multi part and assembly is required.

This product is supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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