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There is little known about the Bakemono and even less understood. That they are different from one another is at best a guess, but after years of conflict against them, the Minimoto tells us of one type - so far - that defies any description of any kind. It would ring hollow had it not been reported by so many. It seems that when in the act of dying, the Yami’mure vomits forth an egg or capsule of some sort that immediately opens to reveal twin Bakemono that are at once ready to fight. There is no period of doe-eyed sentimentality; they simply grab their fallen siblings weapons and press on into the fray. If this genus is different from the others is unknown, and if they bring this reaction out in others is also unknown. What is known is that once you’ve witnessed this abomination, it’s something you’ll never forget.

If you thought Bakemono were a horde before, Yami’mure makes any Bakemono into potentially two more if they die. This ability combines with whichever Bakemono Horde Communal Card you are using, so it can manifest anywhere on the battlefield. This can more easily lead to vastly outnumbering the enemy and replacing casualties but beware; the newly hatched creatures are fragile and easier to kill than the full-grown Bakemono.

Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base and full colour profile card.

This product is supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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