Twitch Stream Models

Hello everyone and welcome to another great blog post.

Today we are going to take a look at just some of the great models that have been painted on our Twitch streams over the last couple of months. I have noticed a theme: the painters seem to have a thing for the followers of Chaos!

Firstly we have the mighty Be’lakor the Dark Master. What can you say about this model? It is just so imposing and installs that feeling of "Well we’re dead." 

Our second model up is Rotigus. Honestly I can smell him from just looking at the photos. This is the type of model where you can have fun with the colours and the different textures of the model itself. 

Our next model is a very angry Skarbrand, this model just says “come and fight me if you dare.” The reds contrast nicely with the bone colour of the shredded wings, throwing in the bronze colour for the weapons just ties the whole model together keeping it dark and angry.

Our final models are the slimy, stinky and definitely not cute* Plague Toads from Forgeworld.  These guys hopped onto the painting table just asking to be painted up all slimy.

The Big Friendly Gargants

This army was actually painted by our own Twitch streamer Jay and as you can see it isn't a small force. 

There are some pretty BIG models, Jay chose to mix and match the skin tones to give each model a different feel to each other. The whole army is ready to be thrown onto any battlefield and stomp all over the smaller folk of the mortal realms.

That's it for this week's blog, any question drop us a comment and we will be happy to answer them all. 

Also, if there is anything you think we should be painting on our Twitch stream, let us know and you never know, they might end up on the desk.

Take care everyone and catch you all next week.

-The Troll Trader Team-


*this opinion is not shared by all Trolls. I, for one, think they are adorable bundles of fun. - Another Troll

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