We're back!

Hello to everyone and welcome to our first blog post of 2022. 
The trolls are back at Troll HQ refreshed and ready to get to work.
While we've been away Jay has been painting lots of models soon to be available on the store.
Below are just a few images of what Jay's been painting.
Part of which is a Sons of Behemat force which consists of 8 Mancrusher Gargants & one Warstomper Mega-Gagant.
As well as some other bits as well, such as a Keeper of Secrets and Morathi.
New Armies
This week saw a lot of new armies arrive while we where away for the Christmas holidays. Below is just 1 of the 6 new armies soon to be added to the store in the coming week, which also includes a Orks, Marines and a Gloomspite Gitzs army 
New Year New Army
Who can say they have started this new year new army trend? 
I can tell you I have, I've started a new Astra Militarum force and with that I've brought a lot of scenic bases.
We have a massive range of Secret Weapon bases all on our site, below is just a taster of what is available.
So with that being said, why not head over to our store throughout next week to purchase some of these incredible items and more!
Cheers Trolls.
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