A Titanic Entry!

Blog Time!
After the lack of big and stompy things last week, we thought we would bring you the biggest and stompiest thing we could this week to make up for it!
We've only gone and got another Warlord Titan!
This hulking monstrosity luckily arrived with us in pretty good condition and will only need a few touch ups before it it sees itself going live on the store!
And if you thought that was cool:
It also glows in the dark!
Make sure to be on the lookout for this one hitting out store soon!
In other titan news, you may remember a couple of months ago, we received another Warlord Titan that needed a bit of love and attention. Well, if you want to see the process of us returning this to its former glory then make sure to tune in to our new Troll Trader stream over on Twitch! More details for this will be following on our Facebook next week!
Ongoing Sale
Over on the store, don't forget we also have our clearance sale still running for those lines we are no longer looking to stock. These are selling fast, so make sure you head over there and grab what you want at up to 40% off RRP!
That's all the news for this week. But make sure to come back next week and keep yourself up to date with what's going on here at Troll Trader!
The Troll Trader Team
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