Last March of the Gi-Ants

Welcome back all to this weeks weekly news! 
Continuing on the trend of Stompy things from last week we thought we would bring you the biggest and best models that arrived in the warehouse this week!
Starting off with a new coming from only a few hours ago we have this motley group of Giants.  
The previous owner has done an absolutely amazing job on all of them, but I think the real stand out winner for us is the Kraken Eater! The amount of detail of this model is fantastic and the painter has even given the beast his very own knightly helmet. Obviously plundered from some sunken ship!
Not to be outdone, another Mortarion has also returned to the store. This time decked out in midnight black armour and a blue scheme that really shows the model in a different light. Either way, he probably still smells just as bad!
New Armies!
We've had a couple of new forces come into the store this week, so expect to see these going live within the next couple!
First off, we have this small but certainly impressive Stormcast army! I mean, list look at that Ballista! You can certainly feel the time and effort the previous owner has poured into this project!
Secondly, for you 40K players, we have had this Adeptus Mechanicus force arrive. Green isn't often a scheme we see for these guys, but it certainly works! Luckily, none of the models have been based, meaning it will make a perfect addition to any other force you already have!
Salute Show
Don't forget, this weekend sees the return of the Salute show and both Troll Trader and TTCombat are in attendance. So why not pop down on Saturday the 13th of November and say "Hi"! We'll have plenty of products on sale and even a few demo games running if you fancy a go!
Ongoing Sale
Over on the store, don't forget we also have our clearance sale still running for those lines we are no longer looking to stock. These are selling fast, so make sure you head over there and grab what you want at up to 40% off RRP!
Don't forget, we also have two streams now! Our new Troll Trader Stream and our TTCombat Stream will be running between the hours of 11AM and 4PM UK Time. So make sure to drop in if you can!
Now we reach the end of this update, but we'll have more of the same next week, so make sure to drop by again!
The Troll Trader Team
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