The Emperors Day Care

Hey everyone! Welcome back to our weekly Troll Trader blog! 

This week saw the arrival of absolutely loads of the Horus Heresy character series. 

As you can see from just this first photo showing off some of the most well known characters from the series.

All these have been painted to a nice table top standard. 


Here we've some close ups just to show off the paint jobs on some of the different characters. 

I honestly forgot how big the two Wolf-kin of Russ models were, especially when they are next to other Primarch models.

Did anyone notice a hidden gem amongst all these models, has anyone spotted it? If not, it's the Games Workshop staff Christmas present model, the troll vs troll slayer. 

These one off models were usually 54mm scale, which makes a nice little centrepiece for anyone's model displays.

All these great models will be added to the site in the coming week, so do keep an eye out!
Lastly we are streaming on Twitch daily with our two channels, Troll Trader and TTCombat. Check them out daily from 11-4pm Monday - Friday. 
So with that being said, head over to our store throughout next week to purchase these incredible items and more!
Cheers Trolls.
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