Armies & Sprue

Hello to all our friends out there in the wild, this week I've got a couple of armies to talk about.
Defenders of the White Lilly
Our first army is the Lumienth force. As you can see from the image there are plenty of troops options to fill this force out.
It has all been painted in a off white colour scheme with touches of blue throughout the army.
The Meteoric Vindicators
This Stormcast force has a lot of heroes to it as you can see from the photo below. 
Backing up all these great warriors are units of Sequitors, Castigators, Evocators and of course a Ballista. 
This whole force has been painted in a silver based armour with gold for all the armour edging and finishing off with blue to add a touch of colour to the metallic feel. 

We have just had a massive drop of new sprue onto the site as well as a restock of some old favourites. 
That's about it for this weeks blog post.
Just a final reminder about our Twitch streams! These are on daily from 11am - 4pm. So pop on and say "Hi" to Mark & Jay.
Take care till next time! Big troll signing off.
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