Boxes to the left of me, Boxes to the right!

Guess who's back! Back again! The Trolls are back! Tell a friend!
It's blog time and this week we've seen another massive influx of boxed items, Space Marines, Daemons and plenty of Middle Earth as well. 
As you can see, our shelves are rammed full of boxed items ready to hit the store. Why not help us out and buy a few?
There are many boxed games and Out of Production sets available.
Even the Warmaster himself has made an appearance this week. 
Will you stand with or against him?
Alongside Horus, Uraka the Warfiend strides forth, ready to claim more skulls in the name his Dark Lord.
We've also got this fantastic Drukhari army waiting to be shot, full of character and some great freehand, it would certainly be worthy trade for many slaves in the arenas of Commorragh.
Realm of Battle
Our Trolls have also been working hard adding our many many Realm of Battle Boards to the store ready for the return of Armies on Parade! You can find them over in our scenery section below:
While these are all currently UK only, if you're looking at them from further afield and have your heart set then make sure to pop us a message and we can work out a custom shipping cost to your location.
Changes to Books
Unfortunately, this section is a bit of bad news. Due to rising postage costs due to Covid and Brexit and changes to how Royal Mail are handling such things we have found we are unable to ship the vast majority of our books outside the UK using our standard postage costs. 
That's not to say that those of you who like to buy your books from us are out of luck however. If you'd still like one or more of our many, many second hand books then feel free to pop us a message with what you're after and your address and we can get back to you with a custom postage quote depending on your location!
That's all for this week! Make sure to come back next time for more great models and news updates from the team here!
- The Troll Trader Team -
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