Stomping into the Store next week!

The Trolls are back in town!
And we have a new Newsletter for you all!
It's been another busy week here at Troll Trader HQ and we've had a new swathe of models, armies and everything in between! 
Plus, we've been adding shedloads of items to our Kromlech section for any of you that are looking for something alternative or interesting to convert your models.
We're busting out the big guns to start with, as this war torn titan stomps into the photobooth demanding to be shot next. No one really wanted to argue.
Some more beautiful models destined for our shelves. Probably one of the only places you would see all them all together!
Meanwhile on another shelf, this beast of a model lumbers on. Everytime we get one of these in, I forget how heavy it is!
Mortarion leads his diseased followers forwards. With a suitably disgusting base to suit!
This week has been a pretty good week for armies arriving, and while we don't have space to show them all, here's a few of the ones that got photographed today.
This giant Raptors army is front and centre this week. Enough models to give you a whole company of the Emperor's Elite. A few bases need finishing here and there, but it's certainly a worthy force to slay Heretic and Xenos alike!
Mechanicus fans rejoice as we've got this army ready to suit your needs. I heard they were pretty strong at the moment!
Maybe on the other end of the competitive scale, the Tau have also shown up this week. This great little army is perfect for smaller games or as the start of a larger force. Plus, you can say you were playing them before they got a new meta book!
This Craftworlds force has some fantastic paintjobs. Just look at the colour shift on those tanks!
Finally, as something slightly different, we have this Heresy Era Space Wolf army. While we normally focus on painted army deals we wanted to offer this up to someone looking for a force they can spend some time and attention on. 
If you'd like to see more kinds of these armies, let us know in the comments below!
And that's all for this week! Don't forget that this weekend sees us with buyers in our Bromley store on Saturday the 16th and at SELWG show on Sunday the 17th. So make sure to hop by to say hello and sell us any models or Magic cards you have sat at home unwanted!
Until next time!
The Troll Trader Team
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