Daemons, Dinosaurs and Deadly Trees

Welcome back to another blog post! 


This week has been another busy one, with the team opening, photographing and listing thousands more models sent into us (unfortunately no more trays of trolls.) We've also seen a few member of Second Hand join the prestigious TTCombat Stream Team. So keep an eye out next week where Mark, Dave and Aaron will be keeping you all company and answering any questions you may have about our models!

But let's get into some models you can expect to hit the store next week!


We've had another Be'lakor arrive and in continuing tradition this one is just as stunning as the last! I don't think the poor marine shares our opinion however.

In continuing Chaos fashion, we've also had this amazing Glottkin arrive alongside a host of other Nurgle models (you can see a couple of them behind Be'lakor above!) Despite the disgusting paintjob, I think my favourite part of this model has to be the guy sticking his head out of the slime below. Surely there must be a better place in the realms of chaos to have a bath.

One of our unlucky Trolls has also had the gruelling task of sorting out a large collection of Warhammer Underworlds cards the we've recently had come in. So if you're looking to grab one of the older decks for your games, make sure to come back next week when he should have finished. We just need to coax him out of crying in the corner.

Upcoming Armies

We've has some great new armies added to the store this week, the last of which should be heading live this afternoon! However, we still have a couple ready to be shot next week:

The Bringers of Balance

First up is this stunning Seraphon/Lizardmen army. Now, as anyone in Second Hand will tell you, I love Lizardmen, and so this one got me a bit excited. It features a large blob of Saurus, a stampede of Cold One Knights and plenty of dinosaurs riding other bigger dinosaurs! The icing on the cake is the fact that the previous owner has painted the Sunbolt Gauntlet on the Oldblood in the style of the Infinity Gauntlet, complete with all of the Infinity Stones! Truly ready to turn their enemies to dust!

The Firebark Elders

Our second army this week is an interesting Sylvaneth force that apparently got a bit lost on their way back to the forest. Led by Drycha (whose probably too angry to worry about also being on fire,) a Treelord Ancient and two Branchwyches, this smaller force is ready to bring wrath and ruin to their enemies. That Treelord even has a beard ginger enough to make a slayer jealous! 

That's all for this week! Keep an eye on the store make sure to grab these quick! Once they're gone, they're gone!

Stay Trolly!

The Troll Trader Team

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