BIG new arrivals

Hello one and all to another blog post.


This week has seen a whole lot of models arrive the team of trolls have been hard at work sorting these all out. We have seen some very impressive models arrive as well as some new armies to add to our collection. 


So before I ramble on lets get into some of the models hitting the store this coming week.


Warlord Titan!!!!!

I said something big had arrived in our weekly newsletter and here he is.

This model arrived with us today with a few little repairs to do on the paint work, but he will be ready to destroy the enemies of the Emperor in no time.

This is a very impressive model, the weight and the pose the customer was able to get with this kit. Striding into battle crushing land raiders beneath its might foot steps.  



Upcoming Armies

We've has some great new armies added to the store this week, the last of which should be heading live this afternoon! However, we still have a couple ready to be shot next week:


The Celestial Guardians

First up are these lovely Stormcast all ready to fight across the swamps of Ghur in the name of the God-King.

This force contains the complete Stormcast from the Dominion boxset which is roughly 1200pts. You have the mighty Praetors the finest bodyguards in all the Mortal Realms, flanked by the Annihilators ready to unleash Sigmars Wrath.

All lead by the mighty Yndrasta the ultimate beastslayer of the God-King and his loyal servants.    



Bringers of the Plague

Now if you like the look of some dirty looking rats, we got you covered. 

This is one of 3 armies that arrived this week for the Skaven, we have a lot of Plague Monks to spread all kinds of diseases backed up by the deadly Plague Furnace. All these rats are been lead by the mighty Verminlord Corruptor.  



That's all for this week! Keep an eye on the store make sure to grab these quick! Once they're gone, they're gone!

Stay Trolly!

The Troll Trader Team

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