Next week at Troll Trader!

Welcome back to another Troll Trader blog post!
We're back this time with a few more armies and models waiting patiently to be photographed. So what are we waiting for? Let's dive in!
The Sky Fleet of Barak Nar
Starting off today we have this great Kharadron Overlord force built around a solid core of infantry, plenty of skyfarers in their suits and a few ships to round it all out! If you're looking for something you can take to local events near you, this seems like a great force to put straight on the board. It even comes with the Warp Lightning Vortex Endless Spell, which I know is a favourite amongst Overlord players at the moment!
The Thorns of Isha
While we normally list bigger armies, we just couldn't resist this amazing Eldar Craftworlds Patrol. The army looks great in its bone and green scheme and even features in intricate thorn freehand across The wraithlord's head and the hull of the wave serpent. It'll make a perfect force to act as the starter for a bigger army or simply for lower pointed games.
Defenders of the Phalanx
Our final army for today is one fit for the Emperor himself. Filled to the brim with solid Primaris infantry, punishing firepower and two mighty Repulsors!
If you're looking to ally yourselves with the Sons of Dorn, then this should be everything you need to hold off even the toughest foes. The army has mostly been painted using contrast, so it should be pretty easy to add in anything else that catches your eye!
All of the above armies and more will be available for purchase next week, so if one catches your eye, make sure to keep a lookout and grab it quick. Once it's gone, it's gone!
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