Sneak Peak of Things to Come!

Today we thought we would show off to you all a few of the armies that have come in to the warehouse and have yet to be photographed! There's a nice mix of 40k and AOS forces and all are painted to a solid level. So without further-a-do let's take a look at three which have come in.
The Favoured of Nurgle 
Kicking things off we have a lovely painted Nurgle army, usable for both AOS and 40k. What we really like about this force is the alternative colour scheme- a blue grey. We haven't seen a Nurgle army painted in this scheme before and it's very striking. The bases are also rather original with wooden planking used throughout with patches of puss dotted about. 
The Ghosts of Cadia 
Perhaps the most unique army that we have lined up. This is a Guard army heavily converted from Nighthaunt models. What we at the office imagine is that these are the ghosts from the destruction of Cadia, returned to claim vengeance upon Chaos! The tanks have been battered with battle damage (clearly from a previous explosion) and the gaps have been filled with skulls painted an eerie green to give off the impression that spirits have inhabited the tanks!
The Gluttonous Maw 
The last force we have to show off is actually two armies! This huge Mawtribes army came in with us and we had to split it down into two. If you fancy a monstrous new force to benefit from all of the new monster rules, then perhaps one of these would be an ideal start! With several monsters in each and painted to a solid tabletop standard. We can't think of a better way to kick off 3rd ed! 
That's all we have for today! Stay peeled on the site over the next few days as these armies and more are listed and we're adding to the community page every couple of days.
Cheers Trolls. 
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