The God of Earthquakes Stomps into the Store

Whether you know him as the God of Earthquakes, the End of Empires of simply Kragnos, his presence alone can turn the tide of an entire battle. A member of the Drogrukh race, Kragnos gorged himself on offerings of monster marrow and amberbone until becoming divine himself. His strength grew to immense proportions and it took the efforts of the Great Slann Lord Kroak to trap him. 

Now freed from his prison, Kragnos roams the Realm of Beasts destroying any opposing force in his rampage across the mortal realms. The Age of Sigmar has taken a truly Destructive turn! 

This Kragnos arrived to us recently and is superbly painted! We love the levels of detail on the skin and the ancient finish on his legendary shield Tuskbreaker and his Dread Mace. The base has even been left unfinished so it can be finished to match the rest of your Destruction force! 

If you're thinking about getting him, he'll smash his way into the store over the next few days so make sure you keep your eyes peeled! 

Cheers Trolls,



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