Warmaster Horde, The Sautekh Dynasty & Heaps of BNIB!

Hey everyone, welcome back to another Troll Trader blog! This week we'll be showing off a couple of real nice gems that came into the store. We'd like to thank everyone who went to the SELWG show, we had a blast! Keep your diaries open as we're be attending more shows in the coming months. Without further-a-do let's get through to the good stuff: 
First up we have this lovely Warmaster Orc & Goblins horde. It's rare for us to see such a large amount of Warmaster at any one time, let alone painted as nicely as this is! This is a real collectors piece and a must have if you're a fan of Warhammer Fantasy and Warmaster. 
Next up is this gorgeous Necron force, painted up in the Sautekh dynasty colours. The blending on all the blades has been glazed incredibly well. We love the transitions between the lighter greens and the darker greens, tied in nicer with crisp edge highlighting on the blades. If you're looking to start a Necron force then this army (based on Indomitus with extras) would be the perfect starting place. 
I mentioned we had a ton of new BNIB items in stock and this is just part of it! Several Blackstone Fortress expansions, Primaris Marines and larger centrepiece models. If you're looking for your next project I can guarantee there'll be something for you! 
That's all for this week! Make sure to check back to the store as we upload hundreds of new items every day. Stay safe and keep up the hobbying!
 Until next time,
Cheers Trolls.
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