All the White Dwarfs & I Mean All of Them!

Welcome back to another episode of Troll Trader Weekly!
I hope you've got your reading specs on for this one, as this week sees a whole host of fantastic items arriving at the warehouse.  
White Dwarfs
We have had every single White Dwarf magazine arrive with us here at Troll Trader HQ, the boss had to resist opening this copy of issue 1 from 1977!
 (I wasn't even a baby troll at that point!) 
As you can see they all have been bagged and sealed over the years, once they have been catalogued and checked over they will be appearing on the our site ready for you all to enjoy that feeling of nostalgia. 

We have several armies arrive this week from the mighty Adepta Sororitas to the savage Orruks of the mortal realms.
Defenders of the Faith
First up we have the "Defenders of the Faith" Sisters army all fully equipped and ready to purge the heretics in the name of the Emperor. A fully mechanised force ready to cross the battle field and get in the face of the enemy.
Ironsunz Smasha's
Next up we have the "Ironsunz Smasha's" these Orcs like to fight and fight and then maybe a little more fighting. This force contains a lot of 'Ardboys just wanting to smash there enemies in the face with all the weapons they can find.

That's all for this week! Keep an eye on the store and make sure to grab these quick! Once they're gone, they're gone!

Stay Trolly!

The Troll Trader Team

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