Blood, Books & Boxes!

Hey everyone and welcome back to another Troll Trader Blog! 
This week we've had thousands of items come into the warehouse and photographed with many more still to be done. After wondering around I found a couple of gems which I thought to share with you all and talk a little bit about what I like about each one. So without further-a-do let's get to it!

We've had a beautifully painted Khorne Daemon army come into the warehouse this week. I love the vibrant red army with edge highlighting along with the stunning blades and brass work. What really makes this army pop however is the lava bases. You can really get the impression of this Daemon army scorching the ground which it walks on, Khorne's hatred and rage bubbling over. 
Next up we have a small selection of OOP hardbacks for the collectors amongst you. The Horus Heresy Campaign Books 1 &2 (Betrayal & Massacre respectively) along with Tamurkhan the Throne of Chaos. These three are in great condition and would be a fantastic piece to add to your shelf!
Finally I thought that with the weather starting to turn for the worse, there would be no better time to pick up a boxed game or two! For the most part these are restricted to UK only shipping, however if you live outside of the UK and have your heart set on some of these items we can work out a custom shipping fee for you, just get in touch! 
That'll do it for this week, I hope you all stay safe wherever you are.
Cheers Trolls.
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