Mountain of a Collection!

Hey everyone and welcome back to another Troll Trader Blog! 
This week we've had thousands of items come into the warehouse and photographed with many more awaiting processing. Speaking of which, we've had an absolutely gigantic collection come to us this week; full of armies, sprue items and sealed product. Shall we take a look?!
These boxes are full and I mean really full, of models. Although we won't go over the specifics, this one cost us a fair amount but it's worth it! Let's take a peak as to what's inside...
See, I wasn't joking...these boxes really are filled to the brim with models! We have several armies: Marines, Necrons, Eldar, Harlequins, Blood Angels, CSM and Death Guard to name a few. This is what I found at the top of one of the boxes...
As you can see, this is absolutely beautiful and these boxes are full of gorgeously painted models like these. Our opening team will be busy over the next few days processing these so they can get photographed and listed on our site. Stay tuned over the next few weeks on our store and I'm sure you will find something you like! 
BUT! It doesn't end there. After taking a wander through the stock currently waiting to be photographed I also stumbled across these incredible looking Ultramarine heroes. We have Marneus Calgar, Tigurius and Lieutenant Calsius. All of these have been lavished with details, multiple layers of highlighting and my personal fave is the psychic glow emanating from Tigurius' eyes. 
We've also had a mass re-stock of sprue, so head over to our sprue section of the store where you can find your next project! That'll do it for this weeks blog, thanks for reading and cheers Trolls. 
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